Being built upon Mozilla’s Firefox platform means that Flock benefits from all the great work that Mozilla and its contributors have done, and continue to improve. It also means that we have inherited an enormous codebase. Firefox has somewhere in excess of 2 million lines of active code, with over a thousand individual interfaces defined. Flock only adds to that.

Seasoned Flock developers have learned their way around the parts of the code relevant to the components they have worked on, but for a novice the cumulative immensity is overwhelming.

The following diagram highlights some key components and pieces of UI that Flock adds.


This is not comprehensive, but it pretty closely represents the major components and their relationships as of Flock 0.9, the most recent major release. Of course, the imminent release of 1.0 means that this diagram will soon need to be updated to reflect the new 1.0 features.

Ever-improving documentation for Flock-specific interfaces can be found here:

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